Nothing to fight over …

It’s unusually peaceful under the mango tree. The Mango War, which generally erupts around this time of the year has been called off due to a shortage of fruit.

The season started promisingly.  After good Spring rains the tree produced loads of flowers, but they disappeared almost overnight due to who knows what.  Perhaps to lack of follow up rain, or wind, or fungus or even Mango Beetles.  Which, by the way, I thought were beneficial insects until I finally identified them!

Mango Beetle
Mango Beetle

My superior camera skills enabled me to capture the entire mango crop in one frame.

The entire Mango crop!
The entire Mango crop!

This year, protecting the crop was easy, instead of netting I used a zippered lingerie bag.

New use for a lingerie bag
New use for a lingerie bag

There was just enough fruit to freeze one container of pulp and to make a delicious Green Mango salad.  And that was it – mango season over !

Green Mango Salad
Green Mango Salad

Now I am pinning all my hopes on the Kwai Muk, which is related to Jackfruit and Breadfruit.  It has a lovely sweet-tangy taste with a hint of sherbet.  The tree is fruiting for the first time and there aren’t many fruits, so I’m hoping that the Bower Birds haven’t noticed them.  Hope is important after all …




2 thoughts on “Nothing to fight over …

    1. Thanks – and the salad was delicious. I’ve just posted the recipe – maybe you can get hold of a green mango?
      I almost prefer them to the ripe ones.

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