About me …
Hello … my name is Fenella and my blog is mainly written to keep friends and relatives up-to-date – but if you have discovered my blog by accident – welcome.
I moved North from inner-city Sydney in 2004 seeking a quiet life and a big garden. I have finally found both, and now I live on one acre on the outskirts of beautiful Bellingen.  The last few years have been spent renovating my house, and am now turning my energies outside.  




About my garden …
I have been gradually moving through the garden removing the noxious weeks and pruning neglected trees.  Two projects in the planning stage are  a large frog-pond and the conversion of a section of lawn into subtropical garden beds.
The valley has an average rainfall of 1500mm and a sub-tropical climate, which means I can grow (with varying degrees of success): cherry guava, mulberry, tahitian lime, kaffir lime, ginger, galangal, turmeric, black sapote, lychee, mango, davidsons plum, tamarillo, and bananas – both pink and cavendish.

About Bellingen …
The town of Bellingen is located on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia. The valley was originally the home of a community of Gumbaynggir Aborigines before the arrival of Europeans. Bellingen was first settled by Europeans around 1840.  Settlers were attracted to the region by the proliferation of timber trees – specifically the white cedar.  When the tree-fellers left, the dairy farmers moved in and for almost a century this was the main industry in the area.  Then in the early 70’s the alternative-lifers discovered the natural beauty of the valley.  Gradually the Bellinger Valley acquired the eclectic mix of hippies, artists, farmers and tree-changers which gives it its charm today.

In addition to all the food delights and monthly cultural festivals, we are close to kilometres of deserted beaches and a world heritage rainforest There’s even a section of the valley called “The Promised Land” … and that just about sums it up !!

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