Rosella bath time …

Midway through a phone conversation with my mother nearly two thousand kilometres away in Adelaide I was “forced” to put her on hold, whilst I dived for my camera.

I had just seen something quite interesting in the garden …

Crimson Rosellas from my balcony
Rosella bath time

A family of Crimson Rosellas was enthusiastically bathing in my pond. Now, crimson and royal blue are not normally colours anyone would wear (except perhaps on a football vest) but somehow, when nature puts them together it looks wonderful.

Parading around the pond

They are not an uncommon bird on the East Coast of Australia, but this is the first time that I’ve noticed them in my garden, so I was quite excited. They hung around just long enough for me to finish my call to Mum and record a short video.

Keep an eye out for the smallest Rosella bravely performing a couple of spurts of freestyle across the pond!