Frog Gallery

It seems that the Bellinger Valley is the second most frog diverse spot in Australia, with over 30 species and a relatively stable population. My species count currently stands at nine.  I’ve recently added some low voltage pond lighting, and with my new Nikon camera, I’m hoping to post better photos of “my” frogs, and more videos.

This video is of probably my favourite frog, the Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog which makes a purring sound at the end of its call. In the background, there’s a Striped Marsh Frog and right at the end, an Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog.


You can click on the Frogs tag on the right to view my frog discoveries and expeditions, and on the Australian Museum link to download the frog app I use to identify frogs.  My species gallery as at the end of last summer is …

Some of the frogs are quite co-operative when it comes to taking photos … especially the Green Tree Frog which is one of our largest frogs.

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