Bird Gallery

Here are photos of some of the birds I have spotted in my garden, plus a few short bird videos.  I’m trying to get photos of every bird I see in the garden, but some are proving to be quite elusive. The current count is 36 species with photographs of 28.

The first video is of me having a bit of a smooch with an Australian King Parrot …


This is two Rainbow Lorikeets having breakfast – if you view it to the end you will see the male doing a cute little mating dance.  In the background you can hear a multitude of birds including the Koel, one of Australia’s two most annoying birds – the other being the Wonga Pigeon.


Two Australian Magpies having an early morning warble. They are probably my favourite birds.  Quite ordinary looking but their warbling is wonderful… unfortunately it was a windy morning.


And here is my bird gallery, with the most recently identified at the top. Click on the photos for a larger view and if you notice that I have mis-identified a bird, please let me know.


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