Tekka Market – sensory overload …

If food is music for the soul, then the food markets of Provence are classical music and Tekka Market is heavy metal.  Be prepared for a barrage of smells, sights and sounds if you visit Tekka Market at the start of Serangoon Road, and Little India.

On the ground floor is a hawker centre with stalls selling Indian and Chinese vegetarian, North Indian and Malay food. At the wet market which is on the same level, stalls sell fresh seafood, especially crabs from Sri Lanka, and and what looked disturbingly like baby white pointer sharks. There are “fresh” meat stalls which should be avoided – nothing that smells like that should be eaten.
It would probably kill you !
On the second floor Shops sell traditional Indian costumes and inexpensive casual clothes.  Dazzled by the glittering jewel encrusted costumes, I was in the midst of negotiations to buy a shimmering purple sari when I came to my senses, much to the disgust of the stall owner.

When it all becomes too much for you, you can wander the streets of Little India, eat a vegetarian meal on a banana leaf, or catch the MRT home from the Little India station nearby.
Another warning – don’t go anywhere near the public toilets…. !!