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DSCN1195 (800x600)
The entrance pond

Just in time for the spring breeding season I have my long awaited frog pond !!

When I built a pond in the garden of my last house in the middle of Bellingen, it took only a matter of weeks before the frogs moved in.  There were frogs in the bamboo, frogs on banana leaves and frogs on rocks. On many humid, rainy summer nights the only way to get a good night’s sleep was to resort to earplugs!

As mad as it may seem, I am hoping for a repeat performance at my new house. When I landscaped the entrance I added a small ornamental pond, more for looks than with a frog habitat in mind.  But it wasn’t long before a dwarf tree frog and a marsh frog took up residence, so I have high expectations now that my new (and rather large) pond has been built.

I won’t bore you with all the technical details, you can read them on the attached pdf if you are interested.  All the heavy work and engineering was done by Rick who flew in from Singapore to do the job, and the planting and the pebble placement was done by me … standby for news of a frog invasion !!

Fenella’s Pond Details   

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