The first frog arrives …

DSCN3244 (800x600)Well, as the saying goes … “If you build it, they will come”

And last night the first frog arrived to check out the new pond – barely five weeks after I finished landscaping the edges.  It’s my second favourite frog – the red-eyed green tree frog.  I was aware that there was a colony nearby as their calls could be heard in the distance after rain … but I’m amazed they made it uphill and across an open paddock in such a short time.
How did they know ?????

Sadly, my favourite frog sounds website has been taken down, but I here is a link to a You Tube posting which will tell you why it’s also known as the raucous tree-frog“. It looks like I might be in for a noisy summer !!
DSCN3239 (800x600)