Meeting the locals …

DSCN4053 (1024x768) Day Two and we meet some of Kangaroo Island’s most famous inhabitants  … honey bees brought to the island around 1880 from the Italian province of Liguria.  In 1885 the island was proclaimed a bee sanctuary, out of range of bee flight from the mainland, and they are now believed to be the last remaining pure strain of Ligurian bees left in the world.  They are renowned to be be a gentle and industrious bee and I can certainly attest that their honey makes a delicious ice-cream.

At lunch, we meet another famous resident at Andermel Marron Cafe … this time however they are not so industrious.  In fact they are lying on my plate covered in a chilli and lime dressing!!  Again delicious.  Thankfully we decided to eat before our live marron viewing, as they turned out to be rather attractive in spite of looking vaguely like one of those big black shiny garden cockroaches.

We ended the day with a walk at Vivonne Bay, which was voted Australia’s most beautiful beach.  It’s definitely very pretty, but I think there are plenty of rivals for that title, including some of the beaches on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales.