A micro problem …

Here’s one of my many wise sayings …

“It’s always a good idea to investigate unusual poo”

You want to be sure that you don’t mind sharing your house or garden with whatever expelled it.  So when I noticed some new poo at the base of my garden umbrella, I did just that.  I very carefully wound the umbrella open a few turns and stuck my head slowly up inside the folds.  There to my surprise I discovered a family of microbats.

Possibly a Gould’s Long Eared Bat ?

I’ve heard of microbats and I know they live in the Bellinger Valley but I’ve never seen one before.  They are about the size of a large mouse, they have the most fearsome little faces (and teeth!), and they were not at all happy with me trying to take their photo.

Now this discovery poses a bit of a problem – microbats are classified as vulnerable due to loss of habitat and feeding grounds.  If they have decided that my blue umbrella is their new roosting spot, does this mean I have to buy another garden umbrella ??


One thought on “A micro problem …

  1. Don’t you dare open your blue umbrella! Those lovely little critters need somewhere to live. And they’ve already worked out you’re a soft touch. . . .

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