A white-faced visitor …

After a dry Spring and a dry Summer, now we’re having a cold dry Winter.  It’s hard on the wildlife and I suspect that’s why I seem to have many more visiting birds than usual.  There’s so much sploshing around in the bird bowl that I’m having to refill it twice a day.

Yesterday I noticed this White-faced Heron strutting around the pond.  It had stopped in either for a drink, or to terrorise the few remaining goldfish by staring trance-like into the water.  It seemed relatively un-concerned with my presence, and allowed me to get fairly close before retreating with its characteristic slow-motion walk.

DSCN7357 (960x1280)

After exploring the garden for half an hour or so, it wandered slowly and elegantly off down my driveway – probably heading for my neighbours pond.

DSCN7352 (960x1280)

3 thoughts on “A white-faced visitor …

  1. Beautiful photo. I like the idea of the heron staring into the pond to terrorize the fish!

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