The Stokes Bay Loo …

I suspect that not many bloggers write posts on public conveniences … most of them being either unremarkable or indescribable (the loos not the bloggers).  But the loo at Stokes Bay on the north coast of Kangaroo Island deserves a special mention.

At first glance, nothing unusual, just a conveniently placed beach loo.

But a surprise awaits inside.  The walls being covered with a soft lime-wash in beach colours and beautiful relief sculptures …

A bit of research uncovers that the project was part of Eco-Action’s BirdLife Australia Beach-Nesting Bird Project funded through the Federal Government’s “Caring for our Country”.  Two artists Gay De Mather and Lara Tilbrook spent a summer preparing the site and plastering and painting the walls.

The murals focus on the life of beach-nesting birds, Hooded and Red Capped Plover and Pied and Sooty Oyster Catchers, and the impacts that humans, dogs and predators have on them.

This is the first time that a public convenience has been the highlight of my sightseeing day.  Unfortunately it probably means that I will be visiting them on a more regular basis, whether I need to or not!

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