The Bee Motel …

I’m waiting (somewhat impatiently) for my native stingless beehive to arrive from Queensland – we need a week of cool weather so we can safely pop them in a truck and send them down.  In the meantime, I’m on the lookout for other bee species in the garden.

It’s been a few weeks since I checked The Bee Motel, which I made with renovating rubbish about a year ago.  The smaller holes were occupied quite quickly, I suspect by wasps, but the larger ones remained vacant.

DSCN8733 (1280x960)

That is, until now. This time I noticed some freshly capped holes …

Resin Bee nest)

Then I spotted what I have tentatively identified as several native Megachile Resin Bees coming and going, sealing off the chambers with mouthfuls of chewed up leaves. One bee appeared to be trying to drag a competitor from an adjoining hole, but she dug her heels in, (do bees have heels?) and refused to budge.

DSCN8726 (1280x960)

Now I’m trying to find out what species of Megachile they are, and when I can expect them to emerge so I can be there for the birth.  OMG the things I do !!

Resolute Resin Bee

Interesting bee fact: a bee of the same genus, the Megachile pluto, is believed to be the largest bee in the world at 39mm in length.  Read the interesting story of its discovery on the Aussie Bee site.

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