I’ve given up veggies !

I’ve decided to give up veggies.  Not eating them of course, just growing them.

What with the constant watering, applications of fertilizer, minerals and mulch, and fending off marauding birds, wallabies, those “damn bandicoots” and caterpillars – it all got a bit too hard.  So I’ve planted out my vegetable beds with salvia, exotic mints, perennial basil, nasturtiums, society garlic and anything else that I think might make a bee happy.

So far, it’s working well … I’ve seen butterflies, ordinary European bees, native bees, hover flies and other insects all taking advantage of the flower buffet!

And it’s not like I’ll have to resort to eating those plastic-wrapped supposedly “fresh” supermarket vegetables … I can still eat local and organic …

Every second Friday we have our Bellopy Organic Market in the main street of town. Then every second  and fourth Saturday we have another Growers Market at the showgrounds.  If I really can’t find what I want at either of those, I can always visit the Green Grocer in the middle of town.  They have a policy of no overseas fruit or vegetables and NO plastic.

While the weather’s still warm, I’ve been experimenting using the mints in smoothies, and in Winter I’ll try herbal teas – the Liquorice Mint should make an unusual tea.

Mint, yoghurt, apple & zucchini smoothie
Mint, yoghurt, apple & zucchini smoothie

Seems like a win for me, the bees, the organic growers and the environment.  And those “damn bandicoots” will have to make other arrangements.

3 thoughts on “I’ve given up veggies !

  1. It would be wicked not to support those local markets and the beautiful veg store in town, which I remember with awe. AND you’re supporting the bees. We drink mint and lemon balm – Melissa – from the garden, and eat nasturtiums. I’m sure the bandicoots will manage.

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