Braving a Weed Salad …

Last night I ate my first weed salad and obviously, I lived to tell the tale.

My bravery didn’t extend to a full sized bowl, just entrée size, and I took the precaution of texting a photo of the ingredients to a friend with the instruction …
“If I don’t text you back in four hours – call an ambulance”!!

So, first I collected a selection of weeds from the garden, then using my Weed Foragers Handbook I sorted them, only keeping the weeds that I was 99% certain were edible and discarding the rest. I ended up with – farmer’s friend (cobblers pegs), sow thistle, dandelion, chickweed, nasturtium, ribwort (plantain) and a solitary Indian strawberry.

To boost the size of the salad, I added baby rocket, parsley, lime mint, berries & cream mint, common mint, chives and a few clover flowers that I picked whilst en-route to check the letterbox.

Then I added some lightly toasted spiced pine nuts and sunflower seeds and dressed it with an oil, mustard and local organic honey dressing.

Conclusion – individually the weeds tasted a bit “unusual” but the combined salad was really very tasty.  The Indian strawberry was a total non-event.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but … I was actually slightly disappointed that I didn’t find more edible weeds.  I particularly wanted to find some oxalis* flowers. When we tried them on our herbal exploration day they were like a little burst of sherbet (due to the oxalic acid I assume)

* Note: Oxalis is not a house or garden plant in Australia – it is a pesky weed.

2 thoughts on “Braving a Weed Salad …

  1. It looks wonderful! Some of the ingredients are familiar. Congratulations on an adventurous spirit and also on your sensible precautions – arrangement with friend!

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