Monkey business …

Who can resist a monkey?  Even when they are tumbling and cartwheeling on your roof at 4:00 am they are still quite adorable.

There are three species of monkey in Sri Lanka, the macaque, the langur and the elusive endangered little loris which I will probably never be lucky enough to see.

Langurs are quite co-operative when it comes to being photographed …

As are the Toque Macaques – but they can be a little crabby so it pays not to get too close.

This is my personal favourite …

Pensive Toque Macaque at Dambulla Caves
Pensive Toque Macaque at Dambulla Caves

5 thoughts on “Monkey business …

  1. I wonder what they think of us! Something like: ‘These creatures are a bit like us – until they put that extra thing in front of their faces and make it flash’

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