Sharing our house …

We’ve arrived at the second last destination on our Sri Lankan trip, the idyllic Garden House in Habaraduwa just outside the historic port of Galle.

Even though we have exclusive use of the house, we are never actually alone. First there’s the dawn chorus of grunting chattering and crashing by a troupe of Purple Faced Leaf monkeys as they make their way through the garden …

Purple Leaf monkey
Purple Faced Leaf monkey

Then when we go down for a refreshing pre-breakfast swim we might be greeted by a frog or two  with the same idea …

Frog (or is it a toad) swimming in the pool
Frog (or is it a toad?) swimming in the pool

During the day as we sit and read, nap, sip on drinks or recover from expeditions we are serenaded by exotic and colourful birds …

Rose Ringed parrot
Rose Ringed parrot
Red Vented Bulbuls

And late in the afternoon we take turns in the pool with birds having their afternoon wash …

Swimming in the pool
Swimming in the pool
Fellow swimmers
A fellow swimmer

Finally as we drop off to sleep, safely shrouded within a canopy of mosquito net, there are the sounds of unknown creatures that snuffle and scurry in the dark.

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