The rather annoying Wonga pigeon …

It’s early morning and I’ve been sitting here listening to a native Wonga pigeon go on, and on, and on …

It’s a very pretty bird, plump, beautifully marked and quite shy, but it has one of the most annoying calls of any Australian bird. It can be heard up to two kilometres away and can continue for hours!

DSC_0457 (1280x853)

I’m wondering if the one I can hear is the same pigeon that has taken to parading backwards and forwards outside my bathroom window.  My bathroom has large windows and no curtains so I enjoy a lovely view of the surrounding bush and wildlife while showering.  I suspect that the pigeon is not actually interested in my ablutions, rather it can see its own reflection and is putting on a mating display.

Wonga putting on a mating display
Wonga putting on a mating display

Whilst searching for information on the Wonga pigeon, I discovered that the early settlers considered them a delicacy and often used to serve them roasted and basted in lemon butter with a bread sauce.  One of Australia’s first cookbook writers Mrs Hannah MacLurcan published a recipe in 1898 …

Now I don’t wish this pigeon any harm, but it does sound rather delicious.
So Wonga pigeons should perhaps consider a new tune !

4 thoughts on “The rather annoying Wonga pigeon …

    1. I’ve been unable to find that out – so presumably they both call.
      But apparently the male makes a soft coo when doing the mating dance – much less annoying!

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