A long weekend at Coco’s …

DSCN0033 (800x600)
The entrance to Coco's Cottage

When I arrived at Coco’s Cottage last night I was greeted by a massive thunderstorm.  Lightning lit up the sky and cracks of thunder shook the cottage.  But this morning I woke up to a clear sky and the smell of a freshly drenched garden.  Not a hint of the drama of last night – just birdsong and gentle dripping sounds. I am already relaxed.

Coco’s Cottage is one of those “I could live here” places.  Warm, eclectic decor with everything you need, but nothing overdone. And the gardens are just as inspiring. Shaded and protected by bamboos, figs and native trees is almost every sub-tropical plant you can think of, all massed together in huge lush beds.  This is the garden that inspired me to dig up my lawn and replace it with heliconias, gingers and other exotics.

But … now I must drag myself away to vist some of the local attractions – the boutiques of Bangalow, the beaches of Byron, the serene gardens of Crystal Castle and maybe a tropical fruit nursery or two !!