Exotic Singapore …

Honey Eater at Botanic Gardens

I’ve come to the end of my visit, and steamy Singapore has lived up to its reputation, with a tropical downpour every afternoon.  I’ve had a great time, walking for as long as I can manage each day and then retiring to the Martini Bar for a late afternoon refreshment.  I cannot believe how many shopping centres and European designer outlets have been built, and I am so glad I first visited Singapore in the late 70’s when it still had quite a bit of colonial character.  Still, if you go looking, you can find plenty of interesting things to do, none of which involve shopping.  One of my favourite spots is the Botanic Gardens which I visited three mornings in a row and still found something new to photograph each time.  I tracked this honey eater (which was only the size of my big thumb) from ginger to ginger until he held still long enough for me to get this shot.  My list of favourite spots and non-shopping things to do will follow soon.

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