A bucket of frog spawn …


Yes I know … I promised not to mention the “F” word for a while.  But last night after a week of hot humid days, it finally rained and there was once again pondemonium. So I couldn’t resist a nocturnal photographic expedition …

Unfortunately my camera battery gave out mid-way so I had to rush back into the house to get my iPhone – which took an suprisingly good photo of what is probably an immature Dwarf Green Tree Frog.  It is sitting on a blade of grass, which gives you an idea of just how tiny it is.  My first baby sighting – very exciting!

As usual the Common Green (Dunny) Frogs were at it again.  They obviously don’t understand the meaning of “ornamental” because this morning I had to relocate a bucket load of frog spawn from an ornamental pond to a more suitable location.

There’s frog spawn in the big pond, in the overflow pond, in the ornamental pond near my front door and now in what was intended to be a bird bath.

I wonder if this is getting slightly out of control ??????

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