You can’t fool a frog …

This frog hiatus idea is not really working is it ?

RSCN3701Since I first thought I heard him calling in the rain two months ago, I’ve made a few attempts to simulate a tropical downpour (stop laughing!!).  But you can’t fool a frog, especially when he comes from the precipitous North.  Only a genuine tropical downpour will do.  And finally, last night, following a week of oppressively hot and humid days, we had a spectacular thunderstorm followed by heavy rain.

His call was hard to distinguish from the calls of SIX other species, but I was pretty sure it was him.  So out into the rain I went, and now I have it … a confirmed sighting of a Dainty Tree Frog, also known as a Banana Frog for its habit of stowing away in boxes of bananas transported south from Queensland.  This apparently happens so often that there is a Lost Frogs Home  set up to rescue shivering frogs who have been accidentally relocated South.

So … I’m thinking that SEVEN species of frogs in one pond is probably the maximum that  I could reasonably expect ???

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