The lonely frog …

The frogs have suddenly gone quiet.  Even the reliable little Dwarf Tree frog is silent.  Maybe it’s because the nights are slightly cooler, or maybe they are all waiting for a huge thunderstorm.  Or perhaps it’s just that they have finished their “frog business” for the season.  Who knows.

The Lonely Frog

The last few nights there has just been ONE lonely frog, sitting on the edge of the pond quietly “quacking” every now and then.  It’s last frog species to arrive, the Great Barred frog.  The one that really shouldn’t be there according to his habitat requirements. Perhaps that explains his lack of enthusiasm?  I’ve pointed out to him that my pond is not exactly the Frog Hilton for the female of his species and that he needs to put in a bit more effort if he hopes to attract a mate any time soon.

We are both hopeful …

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