Discovering fungi …

It’s Autumn, and at first glance it looks like nothing much is happening in the garden, but if you don’t mind crawling around on your hands and knees you’d be surprised at what you find …

DSCN6748 (1280x960)
Maybe a Marasmiellus ?

If I said that this one might be a Marasmiellus, you’d think I know something about fungi and I don’t, so I won’t !

DSCN6821 (1280x960) DSCN6824 (1280x960)

Apparently there are over 13,000 described species of fungi in Australia, but including those species not yet discovered there are over 250,000.  OK … so how does that work ?  I think I’ll stick to frogs  … trying to identify fungi, as fascinating as they are, might send you quite bonkers !

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