A visiting python …

Today I came upon this beautiful two metre python sunning itself near my back door.  From its markings it appears to be a Coastal Carpet Python.  According to my snake book, its movements when not disturbed are “slow and casual” which is a pretty apt description as it seemed quite unconcerned by my presence.

DSCN7404 (1280x978)

Hopefully when it has finished sunning itself it will proceed slowly and casually to my compost bin to feast on a bush rat or two!

4 thoughts on “A visiting python …

  1. It’s beautiful! Congrats on keeping your cool and running for the camera – first closing the screen door, I’m sure.

    1. Yes – the same screen door that I had installed after I met a baby python at the top of my stairs one night! I like pythons but it’s probably best that they stay outside.

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