World’s biggest bower bird …

The local rubbish tip is not the place you would normally expect to go bird spotting. And of course, we don’t call them rubbish tips any more, they are “Waste Management Centres”.  Many have re-cycle or re-use shops attached.  Ours used to be called The Eco House but it has been re-named in honour of the fabulous sculpture now standing at the entrance.

DSCN7445 (1280x960)

The sculpture which stands several metres high was created by local “found” artist Nick Warfield over three months, and is surrounded by blue objects, like a giant bower bird “nest”.  Nest being the wrong word, because it’s really just a place for the male Satin Bower Bird to show off and to hopefully impress a female.  These are the same birds that featured in my Mango War posting.

DSCN7447 (960x1280)

The bower bird was commissioned by the local council to celebrate the re-opening of the shop after some months of mysterious closure. (There are rumours of rubbish corruption!)  So our re-use shop is now called The Bower House.

DSCN7438 (1280x960)

Unfortunately, it still contains mostly junk, but if you scrounge around the occasional treasure can sometimes be found.


3 thoughts on “World’s biggest bower bird …

  1. Wonderful bower bird sculpture! I am forwarding this post to my friend Simon, of Treecreepers Forest School- we have nothing as exotic in our local woods.

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