Naturally beautiful dyeing …

I’ve just spent a week at Bellingen’s annual Camp Creative, and I think I might be developing a new obsession – dyeing natural fabrics with plant pigments.

For five days, the ever patient Anne Leon guided us as we experimented with leaves, seeds, flowers, twigs and vegetables which we placed between layers of natural fabric and then wrapped around pvc pipe, folded, clamped or tied and dropped into simmering pots of lemon myrtle, eucalyptus, red cabbage and brown or red onion.
With mordant (setting agent) added, the magic started …

Checking the pots for unexpected results!

During the week we all learnt a new mantra:

“there are no mistakes, just unexpected results”

Here is a selection of unexpected results which I am happy to show off.

IMG_3790 (1280x960)
Gum leaves & Lemon myrtle flowers on cotton

Perhaps the weeds in my ever increasing collection could be put to
a creative use instead of just being composted ?

6 thoughts on “Naturally beautiful dyeing …

    1. Yes, we all had such fun, and I can’t wait to experiment some more. I am already prowling round the garden looking for possibilities.

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