What do Water Dragons want … ?

Eastern Water dragons are not uncommon  around here, so I was pleased but not surprised to see one in my garden shortly after I moved in.   Unfortunately the noise and stress of my renovation was probably too much for this reptile and it wasn’t long before it disappeared.

Over the years I have added no fewer than five ponds and bird baths to my garden, and I have to admit to being a bit miffed that none of them seemed to appeal to Water dragons.   I realise that I might be a bit biased but they look pretty appealing to me.

So it’s a little ironic that yesterday I discovered a baby dragon living under the mat in the empty bath on my side deck. Not a water plant or even a drop of water in sight.
IMG_4960 (960x1280)
That shows you how much I know about creating aquatic wildlife habitat!

What I do know is that babies don’t arrive by themselves so that means that the parents are probably somewhere in the garden.  And I’m going to start looking at the point furthest from water of course …

2 thoughts on “What do Water Dragons want … ?

    1. Yes very much like a dinosaur, but very dull looking. Hoping to make friends with this one by leaving him/her little pieces of fruit.

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